Industrial and Environmental Safety

risk assessment

Our company deals with industrial- and environmental safety risk assessment, risk management and technical safety R&D activity.

Our activity covers the following areas:

  • Industrial safety analysis
  • Technical systems fault tree, HAZOP, and event tree analysis
  • Chemical safety analysis
  • Environmental safety assessments
  • Supply chain safety and reliability analysis
  • Food and Drug safety
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

Our scope of work in risk analysis and risk management:
Examining technical systems for possible malfunctions, determining fault frequency and probability of unwanted events in general, assessing these results and assigning actions, if necessary, to reduce risks to target level.

In R&D field:
We develop novel safety aspect models either entirely in charge of, or as contributor to projects.

Our philosophy and activity

innovative thinking, conventional engineer's approach

In our work philosophy we merge innovative thinking with conventional engineer’s approach. Our job is often connected to fulfilling local or European Union legal obliagtions, directives and requriments of environmental laws for industrial and agricultural companies’ production and activities. Our other area is technical-safety research and development. We usually sum and report our findings and results in studies, plans or documentation. In R&D we make safety analysis software.

Recommend our services

safety and reliability

We offer our services to companies that produce, transport or use dangerous substances and to those at which sustaining the system operational or quality of the products manufactured is crucial to operation.

We also recommend our services to technical safety and environmental engineering companies for know-how transfer or capacity sharing.